Four Benefits of Point-of-Sale Systems

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Point-of-sale systems provide business owners with a computerized system for sales, orders, inventory and more. They have replaced traditional cash registers in many areas of business due to the ease and convenience. Here are some of the top benefits of using point-of-sale (POS) systems.

They Can be Customized

One of the top benefits of point-of-sale systems is the fact that they can be customized for the industry. There are different types of POS software for various types of business. For example, the POS system for a pharmacy is different than one for a liquor store or a restaurant. Within each different type of POS system, there are even more customisable options, such as tracking food items ordered in a restaurant or tracking a certain type of inventory. Some restaurant point-of-sale systems even allow employees to communicate with each other, such as when a server sends a message to someone in the kitchen about a change to a food order.

Inventory Management Is Possible

POS systems are unique from regular cash registers due to the ability to track activity throughout the day, including inventory management. The POS system works closely with the company's inventory system so that when an item is scanned and purchased, the quantity is then adjusted in the inventory system. This provides an easy and automated way of not only tracking inventory but also knowing when to order more of a certain item and to track which items sell the best.

There Is Better Security

Point-of-sale systems allow management or business owners to set up unique passwords for each person who accesses them. They can then track which employees are using the POS and for what purpose. They can also grant permissions to certain employees, such as only allowing management to perform refunds and exchanges if that is their policy. In addition, it adds more security because a thief can't just walk in and open the register. It requires a password to get any money out, which can then be tracked to a specific user.

Prices and Discounts Can Be Entered

POS systems also make it easier to adjust the price or discount of products when they are being purchased. Regular cash registers do some adjusting, but it tends to be more complicated. With a POS system, there are simple on-screen prompts to change the price or enter a discount. If a customer is using a coupon that needs to be scanned, POS systems provide this function as well. Sometimes a customer might have a coupon but it refuses to scan. In this case, the software lets the employee quickly enter it manually on the screen.

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22 December 2015

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