How To Clean Salt And Water Marks Out Of Your Ugg Boots

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Ugg boots are a fantastic winter footwear choice.  They're warm, cosy and comfortable; however, their suede uppers do suffer from staining by water and salt, which is virtually unavoidable at this time of year.  Don't despair!  You can easily remove unsightly water and salt stains from your Uggs.  Read on to find out more.

What you'll need

  • a suede brush (obtainable from good shoe shops)
  • a clean pencil rubber
  • a sponge
  • warm water
  • proprietary suede cleaner (ask in a shoe shop for an Ugg-specific product)
  • newspaper/socks

How to do it

  1. Before you can begin to clean your Uggs, you'll need to allow them to dry out completely.  It's a good idea to pack the boots with newspaper or pairs of socks to help them keep their shape as they dry.  
  2. Once the boots are dry, use a special suede brush to brush the uppers.  Work in one direction, from top to bottom, to get rid of any surface dirt.  This technique keeps the pile of the suede lying flat in the same direction and avoids brush 'tracks', which can look messy.  
  3. Good quality suede brushes often have a small piece of rubber embedded into the handle.  This piece of rubber can be used to get rid of any shiny stains on the suede.  Just use the rubber in a circular motion to gently erase the stain.  Don't worry if your brush doesn't have a built-in eraser; you can use a clean pencil rubber in exactly the same way.  
  4. Now wet the stained area with warm water.  Don't saturate the rest of the boot; just focus on the area that's stained.  Allow the water to soak into the boot.  
  5. Next, take the suede cleaner and add a dab to the dampened sponge.  The sponge must be damp in order for the cleaning product to work properly.  Apply the suede cleaner to the stained area of the boot using a smooth, circular motion.  
  6. Finally, use clean, warm water to blot away any residual cleaner from the boot.  Mop up any excess water using a clean, colourfast cloth.  
  7. If your Uggs have a few isolated water spots remaining, you can remove these quickly and simply by rubbing the water-spotted area against another part of the suede upper.  Rub gently and watch the water spot disappear just like magic!  
  8. Re-pack your Uggs with newspaper or socks to keep them in shape, and place them somewhere warm to dry out.

In conclusion

Winter weather needn't damage the look of your Uggs.  Just follow the simple guidelines above to keep your cosy footwear looking hot too!  

For more information contact shoe stores that specialise in selling Ugg boots Melbourne.  


19 January 2016

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