Cricket Shirts: What Every Buyer Should Look For


If you love playing cricket, you should get the right clothing for the sport. Most of today's cricket clothing manufacturers invest a lot of money in technology and research to see to it that they provide you with shirts that can help you reach your full playing potential. The rest is all up to you; choosing a cricket shirt that suits you best. Here are some essential factors to consider when you want to buy a new cricket shirt.


Cricket shirts come in a wide variety of sizes because one size can never fit all players as they each have different body sizes. Regardless, many people often fail to choose a cricket shirt whose size is just right for them. They end up buying shirts that are either too tight or too clingy. This hampers movement when they are throwing, bowling or batting a shot. In order to ensure ease of movement, buy a shirt that loose fitting shirt. This requires you to take note of your body measurements before making an order for a small, medium, large or extra-large size shirt.  


Cricket shirts that retain too much sweat can make you feel really uncomfortable when you are playing. In the early years, sports apparel used to be made of fabric such as pure cotton that easily became soaked in sweat. Modern cricket shirts are made of fast-drying, lightweight material like polyester microfibers that can keep you cool during the entire period of play. Such kind of material also has great breathability (air flow system), making the sweat on your skin to dry very quickly. What is more, make sure the shirt that you buy feels soft. With a moisture wicking shirt that is gentle on your skin, you can be sure of having an exciting, comfortable game.


Aside from taking part in your favorite sport, another reason why you might be on the field is because you want some physical exercise. For sure, playing cricket is a fun way to get fit. But do you know that the type of shirt you select can have an impact on your health as well? With the advent of techno-fashion, there are now smart shirts with biometric sensors that can record your heart rate, blood pressure as well as the breathing rate. Even though most smart shirts are somehow expensive at the moment because they are still at the experimental phase, you should be on the lookout for cheaper products once this concept has gained significant ground on the market. 


17 February 2016

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