Factors That New Event Managers Need to Consider When Shopping for a Microphone

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The events management industry in Australia has been outperforming over the last five years. The growth has solely been as a result of increased demand for events promotion by different sectors. However, to make it in the industry, a new event management company must have the right equipment. A microphone is one such equipment that can make or break this type of business.

Picture this scenario; you have been hired to provide a public address system to your first promotion event, but midway through, the microphone loses sound. The client will most likely never ask for your services again, and they might express the same to other potential clients, which will be detrimental to your young business. When shopping for a professional microphone, therefore, you need to consider various factors as highlighted in this post.

Audience Size -- The size of an audience determines the success of a promotion event. While it might be difficult to tell the exact number of event-goers expected, event managers can make an educated guess through the choice of an event venue. Therefore, if an event will be held in a hall that can hold about 200 people or less, then you can go for a microphone that can accommodate the venue. A 25-watt microphone is best for such a small crowd size. However, if there is enough evidence to indicate that an event will attract a big audience, say 1000 people and above, then you need a more powerful microphone, preferably a 250-watt mic.

Type of Event -- Promotional events can take two forms: formal and non-formal. An official event is usually more sophisticated; as such, the kind of microphone you chose should look the part. For instance, you cannot use a plain-looking microphone at the official launch of a client's new brand. Formal events need sleek-looking microphones that can be easily handled and mounted on a free-standing podium. On the other hand, if you are organising an informal event, then a standard microphone will do fine. Therefore, you should first ask your client the type of promotion event they are looking to hold before buying or leasing microphone. 

Type of Venue – Microphones are powered differently, for instance, using electricity or batteries. Therefore, the type of venue plays a significant role in choosing a microphone. If, for example, the place is a stadium where the master-of-ceremony will be required to move about, a battery-powered microphone should be your choice. It allows easy movement on and off the podium, unlike wired microphones that limit mobility. On the other hand, if the venue is a small town hall, a wired microphone is more appropriate because venue can accommodate the wire span.

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9 April 2018

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