Two tips that pregnant women should remember when buying nursery decor

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If you're about to become a mother and need to decorate your new baby's nursery, you should try to remember these tips when shopping for any nursery decor.

Think very carefully about the length and type of curtains you buy for this space

If you need to get curtains for the nursery, it's important to take great care when choosing them. For example, if you live in a place where the winters are bitterly cold, then you should also check that the set you buy has a thermal lining. These curtains will ensure that, even if your home's heating system temporarily malfunctions during a cold spell or if you cannot afford to keep it running constantly during this period, the nursery will still retain some heat and be warm enough for your baby to comfortably sleep in.

Additionally, for a room like this, you should shop for blackout curtains; when drawn, these will stop any sunlight from pouring through the nursery's window. Curtains like this, that are fully opaque, will not only make it easier to put your baby down for daytime naps but will also give you privacy if you want to nurse your baby in this room.

Finally, if you plan to put the cot anywhere near the nursery's window, you should make sure the new curtains are not too long because when your baby grows and is able to stand up in the cot, they may grab and tug at the curtain fabric and end up causing damage to both this fabric and the curtain rail.

Only buy flat-pack furniture if you have lots of time and someone to help you build it

There is plenty of flat-pack nursery furniture for sale in furniture shops; this is generally less expensive than furniture which is sold is its fully assembled state and so is popular with parents who are trying to save money. However, you should only buy your baby's cot, changing table and wardrobe in their flat-pack form if you are not due to give birth for quite a while. It's a good idea to have someone (like a partner or friend) who can assist you with the assembly of these items.

The reasons for this are as follows; during the final phase of your pregnancy, you will be exhausted and uncomfortable, and your large baby bump will greatly reduce your flexibility, range of motion and balance. You may not have the energy, or even the physical ability, to put together several large pieces of flat-pack furniture at this stage (especially if there is no-one available to help you) as this activity involves lifting and manoeuvring heavy components, as well as bending over or kneeling down or insert nails, dowels and screws into specific furniture parts.

As such, if you're approaching your due date, it's best to buy preassembled furniture and have the delivery people put it in the nursery for you so that you don't have to do any lifting or pushing of heavy items.


7 January 2020

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